Get Rid of Dog Smell

But Keep the Dog!

Use EXP 2000 An Odorless Odor Remover

Dog odors occur because dogs have a lot more exposure to bad smells than do cat. Dogs run and play outside, and derive great pleasure from rolling around in dead things!

As they romp and play, they develop a "doggy" odor which transfers to furniture, carpets, mattresses, and their private beds. When our dogs get wet, they develop a sour smell.

All these odors can permeate the very air in the entire house. If you live in a wooded area, there could be a skunk or two around which could cause a disaster for your dog and for you.

Bath Time

Dog and pet odor eliminator

Instead of using old fashioned remedies, like tomato juice for skunk odor, that really don't work well and are messy and expensive, you can now use EXP 2000 which neutralizes skunk smell instantly.

To rid your pets of dog odors and skunk smell, put 2-4oz of EXP 2000 per gallon of water.

For the "skunked" pet, you may have to use more EXP 2000 in order to neutralize all the skunk smell molecules.

Remember, EXP 2000 is non-toxic, totally safe for pets and humans.

Potty Training

Tootie and pet odor remover

Dog housebreaking, or potty training, is a stinky job because of the accidents by our beloved pets. As we all know, they tend to return to the same spot no matter how carefully that spot was cleaned and deodorized.

After using paper towels as a dog urine remover, spray EXP 2000, saturating the area. With EXP 2000, the urine smell will be instantly and permanently removed. Even with the dog's sharp sense of smell, he won't be able to find the same spot.

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