Musty Smell Eliminator

A lingering musty smell ruins even the best household cleaning efforts. Neutralizing home odors is our specialty.

Neutralizing home odors is our specialty!

We've tried all the natural air fresheners and every home air cleaner we could find, but the products we tried did not eliminate the odors which accumulate from day to day living, much less the more difficult odors like wet carpet or basement odors.

That is, until we found EXP 2000, a completely odorless odor remover.

EXP 2000 can be sprayed
with spray bottle on furniture, drapes,
carpets, beds, cat box and
pet bedding, any type of athletic equipment, and anything that has unwanted odors.

It is also completely safe to use in the kitchen to instantly eliminate cooking odors, food odors, and garbage pail odors.

A GREAT way to spot use
EXP 2000
is to spray only drapes, or couch, or chair.

Another way to use EXP 2000
is in an electric fogger,
which will cover everything in a room with a fine mist,

neutralizing odors in just a few short minutes.

A third way to eliminate unwanted house odors,

including a general musty smell,

is to hand spray EXP 2000

into the heating and air condition return air vent,

or place the fogger into the heating and air conditioning return air vent

- with the fan running -

for about 30 seconds or more,
depending on the size of the house and degree of odors.

You will need to experiment to find the best way to do it for your house or apartment.

Running the fan while the fogger is placed in the air return vent allows the odor removing EXP 2000 to reach musty odors throughout the entire house.

The technique of fogging through the air conditioning system can be done as frequently as needed because of EXP 2000's complete safety for humans and pets.

Natural Air Freshner = NO SMELLS

EXP 2000 is a non toxic, perfume free odorless odor remover which instantly and easily removes odors from carpets, drapes, upholstery, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and any other rooms of the house such as living rooms, bedrooms, and the baby's diaper pail and room.

It also neutralizes cigarette and cigar smoke in the air and in the furniture and drapes.

EXP 2000 does all this and more while being completely non-toxic and totally safe for humans, pet animals and the environment.

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